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Tero-Vido 3D radar

Tero Vido® UG (limited) is a German manufacturer of geophysical measuring instruments which help the user to discover and locate hidden anomalies in the ground.


It happens regularly, especially in the construction business, in civil and underground engineering or road construction, that cables, pipes or cavities are damaged or destroyed. This is mostly due to the fact that their exact position was not known, or there was no knowledge about anything in the ground.


The resulting damages are normally the responsibility of the contractor. Adding to the high cost for repair are the delays on the construction site, and the possible dangers for people and machinery through open power cables or gas leaks.


Besides these specific challenges during construction, it is crucial to know for the planning engineers in the run-up to the construction, to know if there is anything in the ground that could influence the construction process.


Another possible field of application for geophysical measuring instruments is the search for cables and pipes to determine their depths and locate their position.

It is also interesting for the security or military services to detect hidden tunnels, hideouts or underground storages.


Especially for industrial purposes, Tero Vido® developed a novel multi-sensor array. This enables basically every user, to easily and quickly discover and locate these anomalies in the ground.


The patented Tero Vido® System, consisting of special sensors and a proprietary software developed for this purpose is a complete new design and development. It distinguished itself from all known products in the market through its simplicity, precision and robustness. It is developed and produced in Germany with the needs of the user in mind by a team of engineers and software specialists with many years of experience in the industry.


We are aware of the fact that especially in the construction business time is of the essence. Therefore, we offer besides a phone hotline also a fast and straightforward exchange and repair service, and free online support during our office hours.

We offer a warranty of two years on our detectors, with the option of extension.


We want our customers to be satisfied. For that, we are offering free training courses for our customers for the exact and successful operation of the machines. Furthermore, we are offering on a regular basis free open seminars for all who are interested to know more about the detectors.






All our detectors are certified by international standards.